Sponsorship Opportunities


Local businesses are the cornerstone of a great community and we know how vital your business is to Yorkville and the surrounding areas.

That’s why you should consider investing in an annual business sponsorship with Yorkville Educational Foundation.  Yorkville Educational Foundation (YEF), the nonprofit fundraising partner of Yorkville CUSD 115, creates partnerships with local businesses and community members to identify and fund opportunities outside of District 115’s tax-supported budget.  

A partnership through an annual business sponsorship is not only a great investment in the community, but also a smart business move. It enables YEF to provide new opportunities to students and teachers throughout the district, while increasing your company’s visibility and brand recognition to a large audience that includes students, teachers and staff members, families, and community members. The annual business sponsorship is 100% tax deductible and the benefits last a full calendar year (from January 1- December 31).

A YEF sponsorship can provide many benefits to your company, including:

  • Your business can make a difference to education in Yorkville CUSD 115. Your donations directly support programs for the more than 6,200 students learning within the nine District 115 schools. YEF prioritizes funding that supports innovation, personalized learning, and collaboration in the schools.

  • Your business can strengthen its ties to the community. YEF is the nonprofit partner of Yorkville CUSD 115 and supports students from Yorkville,Bristol, and portions of Montgomery, Newark, Oswego, and Plano.

  • Your business can receive recognition. An annual business sponsorship provides numerous opportunities for recognition, including during YEF awards and fundraising events, on the YEF website, and in press coverage.

Your sponsorship represents an investment in the education of children in District 115, and ensures that YEF can continue to provide exceptional, one-of-a-kind opportunities.

For additional information about business or event opportunities, contact us at: sponsor@yef115.org