Team YEF Runners Complete Half Marathon & Raise More than $4,200

On Sunday, September 16th, each runner representing Team YEF completed their half marathon. These runners raised more than $4,200 to benefit Yorkville Educational Foundation and Yorkville schools. This race was a culmination of six months of training and fundraising. We are so grateful for our Team YEF charity heroes:

Team YEF Runners just before the Fox Valley Half Maraton

  • Bristol Bay Elementary

    1. Elizabeth Montgomery – Parent of BBES Students

    2. Katie Rogala – Parent of BBES and YMS Students

    Bristol Grade School

    1. Jake Austin – BGS Physical Education Teacher

    2. Lauren Foster – BGS Literacy Coach

    Circle Center Grade School

    1. Sarah Cann – CCGS Parent and YEF Board Member

    Grande Reserve Elementary School

    1. Ben Niles – GRES Parent

    2. Aaron Mueller – GRES Parent

    3. Teri Hanson - GRES teacher

    Yorkville High School

    1. Dr. Lynn Burks –BOE President

    2. Kate Calder – YHS English Teacher

    3. Samantha Brown – Yorkville Chamber Leads 1 Member

    4. Alma Hundiak – YHS Parent and YEF Board Member

    Yorkville Intermediate School

    1. Abigail Riddle – YIS Teacher

    2. Teri Hanson – YIS Reading Specialist

    3. Traci Johnigk – YIS 6th Grade Teacher

    4. Ryan Martinez – YIS Music Teacher

    5. Sally Firrantello – YIS Paraprofessional

    6. Maxzine Rossler – YIS Special Ed Teacher

    7. Megan Rossler – YIS Supporter

    8. Melissa Riddle – YIS Supporter

    9. Tom Paulson – YIS Supporter

    Yorkville Middle School

    1. Kerry Stillmunkes – YMS Parent

    2. Bethany Parker Ross – YMS Parent

    3. Derek Miller – YHS Computer Science Teacher

Alicia Lingane