Yorkville Educational Foundation Launches An Annual Recognition Event

Today, the Yorkville Educational Foundation is launching its inaugural “Fostering Our Future” recognition program, an opportunity for those who are a part of the Yorkville Schools community to be publicly recognized for their efforts in support of the district and the students it serves. Anyone from the Yorkville CUSD 115 community may submit a nomination.

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How one educational opportunity changed my dad’s path.

My own father was the first in his family to graduate from college and one small high school opportunity led to it.   Find out what it was and how our grants help provide our own students those opportunities.  Read November’s blog to find out more.

$2,500 in grants awarded November 13-17.

The Yorkville Educational Foundation is launching our inaugural round of grant funding and we want you to apply. We have $2,500 to award and we want the entire district to benefit.  The charter grant application period will select at least one recipient from each building for school and classroom projects.

All district employees are eligible to apply for a grant ranging from $1-$500.  Grants applications should align with the District Strategic Plan.  YEF focused on making it both brief and easy to submit your one-page grant application online. Apply now!

YEF Celebrates with Heart of the Fox Parade.

We loved all of the community spirit that shone through at the Homecoming Parade this past Thursday!  We celebrated with the Yorkville SUPERFOX and had some students join us who demonstrate the heart of the fox throughout the school district.  We can’t wait until next year!

What’s My Biggest Weakness? Find out. 

The September Presidents Update is now available.  This month I realized what my biggest weakness was, and how I am turning it into an opportunity for the Foundation.  Find out more here.

And we want to hear from you?  What’s your biggest weakness?  What do you want the Foundation to focus on?  How can we help the community.  Post your feedback in the blog comments.

More than $500 was raised to help the district community.

Nearly 100 people from Yorkville and surrounding communities joined us to raise money and watch a Kane County Cougars game.  The effort raised more than $500, which will go back into the local education community.  Check out some great pictures of the game and sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with future events.

Upcoming Events

The Yorkville Educational Foundation will be at the following events in October and November.

  • November 3rd – Grants Applications Close
  • November 13th – 17th – Grants Winners announced!
  • November 28th – Giving Tuesday.  Keep funds in the Yorkville Community by donating to the YEF!

Who are we?

The Yorkville Education Foundation (YEF) is dedicated to building and grow a strong educational support system in Yorkville. We are volunteers.  We are your neighbors. We are parents of past, current and future students. We are educators. We are business stakeholders. We are you.

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A robust education structure in Yorkville is the backbone of our community. Your gift helps cultivate partnerships, enrich learning, create new opportunities, promote excellence and recognize outstanding achievements. Donating to the YEF makes Yorkville stronger. Learn more or

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