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The Yorkville Education Foundation (YEF) is dedicated to building and grow a strong educational support system in Yorkville. We are volunteers.  We are your neighbors. We are parents of past, current and future students. We are educators. We are business stakeholders. We are you.

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A robust education structure in Yorkville is the backbone of our community. Your gift helps cultivate partnerships, enrich learning, create new opportunities, promote excellence and recognize outstanding achievements. Donating to the YEF makes Yorkville stronger. Learn more or

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Dwayne Reed visits Yorkville

We invited YouTube sensation Dwayne Reed to talk to parents about the summer brain
drain. When he’s not recording music and videos such as  “Welcome to the Fourth Grade,”
Dwayne  is a Chicago K-8 teacher and has found many inspirational ways how to keep
your kids active during the summer. If you’ve missed the event, you can watch the video
below. Make sure to check our events page frequently for future events. We’d love to meet
you and chat!

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