Campaign for D115.



In October of 2017, Yorkville Educational Foundation welcomed its inaugural group of sustaining donors.  More than 40 district administrators, teachers and support staff answered the call to create a culture of giving.  Their donations of $1.15 per month have allowed us to become financially solvent and continue to make investments in Yorkville CUSD 115.  We are asking you to join us in our journey for the 2018-19 school year.  Just $1.15 per paycheck can help one student afford a program like SAT Test prep – a program that we know leads to more post-secondary educational opportunities.

There are many reasons that you should consider becoming a sustaining donor. Your donation is tax deductible and is automatically deducted from your paycheck. We want to make it easy for you to say yes to our invitation. But, I also want you to reflect on why you joined the Yorkville District 115 Community in the first place. At the heart of your decision, it’s because you wanted to make an impact on the community. We share that same vision at the Yorkville Educational Foundation and we are asking you to join forces with us to make an even bigger impact. We are stronger together. Your participation as a sustaining donor sets an example for your staff and colleagues, as well as parents and community business owners.

To join the Campaign for Yorkville 115, fill out and return the enrollment form to Human Resources (link)