While I was at a business meeting last week, someone posed a question around the table:  “What is one of your weaknesses“.  My mind went blank and when it was my turn to speak, I told them that I tend to overcommit myself – which is true. I want to help where I can and I really have a hard time saying no to others.  But this past week has taught me a bigger lesson.  My main weakness is that I have a hard time asking for help. I want to show people that I am knowledgeable, competent and have my act together.  I am practically allergic to failure.

It’s been about a month since I have taken over this role of President.  I have made it a priority to meet with important stakeholders and introduce myself.  I wanted to tell them what the Foundation has accomplished and what our goals are for this year, to demonstrate that we are knowledgeable, competent and that I have my act together.  I came into each meeting this week with an agenda.  And by the end of each meeting, I learned far more than I had to contribute to them.  These stakeholders had this wealth of knowledge and resources that will help our Foundation grow quickly, all I had to do is just ask for help.  In many ways, the Foundation has been siloed trying to create a strong foundation.  But we’ve missed the opportunity to learn from those around us.   I have been so focused on proving competence that I had forgotten to ask simple questions of “What’s the best way we can help the community?” or “How are we doing?  How can we improve?”  We cannot make a lasting impact on a community unless we can understand the need.  This next month I am going to focus on listening, learning, gathering feedback and creating goals that will truly help the Yorkville CUSD community grow stronger.  I can’t wait to share more great progress with you.