my daughter on her first day as a 1st Grader at Yorkville Grade School

If you’re anything like me, you are still trying to figure out how summer flew by.  We enjoyed our opportunities this summer to travel, to sleep late, and to veg out.  But I look to back to school time as a time to reflect.  A year ago, my daughter was preparing for Kindergarten.  She couldn’t read or write, she needed help dressing herself, and she thought three hours in Kindergarten was forever.  As we were waiting for the bus last Wednesday, I reflected back on how much she grew.  Yes, she grew physically – her hair grew longer, and we officially outgrew 5T sizes.  But she’s also self-sufficient, more confident, patient and articulate.  A year ago, she wouldn’t even go into a pool, and on the last weekend of summer vacation, she was racing down water slides.  I watched her grow each of the last 365 days, yet I was surprised at how much she had accomplished.

I feel the same exact way when I reflect on the work that our Foundation has done during the 2016-17 school year.  Growth is extremely hard in a newly established foundation.  We put on our very first event, “Ignite Your Summer”.  We formalized a grant process for teachers.  We established ourselves with the Yorkville Area Chamber of Commerce.  We came this close to becoming the champions at the Yorkville Chamber Trivia night in April.  We took our first steps in developing a Strategic Plan that will lead us through the next several years.  Every single person on our Board is absolutely passionate about the Foundation.  There is no doubt that we will build on our early successes to provide even more tangible value to the community.  It’s easy to get caught up in the many challenges and opportunities in front of us this year, but this month I want to reflect on our growth and celebrate our successes.

And while we are celebrating our successes, I also want to thank you for being our earliest supporter.  We are encouraged by people like you, who like our Facebook pages, retweet our events and show up to our events.  We promise some great things in 2017-18 and we can’t wait to get started!

Alicia Lingane