10 Things About Eric

  1. What do you do at the YEF?
    I am the treasurer of our YEF.  I oversee, review and present financial summaries to the Board of Directors for review and approval.  I am also Chairman of the Finance and Scholarship Committee which oversees the foundations finances and assets.
  2. Why did you get involved with the YEF?
    I have a passion for improving the education our children receive and I believe the YEF will be an important part to recognize and reward excellence.
  3. Are you engaged in other ways in the Yorkville School District?
    I am a member of the Yorkville School District’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and the Boundaries Committee.
  4. How long have you lived in Yorkville?
    23 years.
  5. Do you have children visiting Yorkville schools?
    My youngest daughter graduated from Yorkville High School.
  6. Why have you chosen Yorkville as your home?
    We chose Yorkville because of its small town values and the friendliness of our community.
  7. What’s your favorite place in Yorkville?
    I enjoy canoeing on the Fox River.
  8. What do you do outside the YEF?
    I am the owner of an industrial supply company in Yorkville.
  9. What are your hobbies?
    I enjoy being a Board Member of my homeowners association and spending time with my family, especially my 5 grandchildren with their school and sports activities.
  10. What is the best way to catch up with you?
    Through email.

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